Quality Standards

Quality Norms

By consolidating the activities, know-how and vast experience of the mother company (MOL) EML aims for delivering the best possible services to all customers of the group. EML does not own any ships but charters them in from the mother company to match customer service requirements. MOL has internationally recognised certification to “ISO 9001” quality management and “ISO 14001” environmental management standard and it is applied to all its vessels owned / operated by the mother company. Under this umbrella all ISO requirements for safe management and Environmental awareness are cascaded down to EML and cover all its operations which allows EML to follow the same operations and quality procedures as our ISO credited owner. Under the umbrella of its shareholder MOL, EML is fully committed to reduce CO2 emissions, in line with company policy statements by MOL, through a wide range of different initiatives.



ECG Member

EML is a member of ECG, established platform for the automotive logistics sector bringing together logistics service providers, manufacturer logistics managers and suppliers to the sector. On the industrial side ECG aim to assist in sharing best practices in many operational areas, especially the harmonisation of operational standards, EML follows ECG’s standards, common to major brands and adjusted to specificities for each brand.


Cargo Quality Operations

Thanks to attendance on board of our EML Marine & Technical team & Port Captains, EML can ensure that Quality standards are met & safety during operations and at sea is ensured. Besides regular attendance, EML Marine & Technical is also auditing stevedoring operations & vessels in order to issue KPI’s and increase day after day level of quality. Besides this, LPR & FPR inspection surveys are also performed on the majority of the volume by highly qualified survey companies. Our vessels are equipped with high standard lashing material and that a replacement scheme is in place. EML is following a 100% lashing policy for transported cargo. Lashing type (Wheel/ Bar) is amended according to customer’s needs and following ECG’s standards.