Covid-19 news


All measures that were put in place by the Belgian Government remain the same in 2021.

Teleworking is compulsory where the job allows.

EML Staff remains working from home with only essential staff is working from the office when necessary.


Newly elected Belgian Government announces a strict lockdown

Teleworking will become compulsory to such an extent that 'unless this (obligation, ed.) is impossible due to the nature of the job or the continuity of operations, activities or services'.

EML Staff mostly returns to working from home, only essential staff is working from the office.


EML Staff continues to work from the office in 2 teams for the entire summer.

All EML employees are back to working full-time.

Mouth mask are now obligatory in the office.


All necessary measures have been taken in EML Office to ensure the safety of our staff:

Office lay-out has been amended to ensure social distance, hand sanitizer has been distributed, informative posters have been placed throughout the office, office space is professionally cleaned daily, …

EML Staff will return to the office, in 2 teams. The 2 teams work on different days, to ensure social distancing and contact tracing when necessary


Belgian Government announces the ‘Exit Strategy’

Shops will re-open. Staff will be allowed to return to the office  ‘Corona-proof’


Belgian Government announced that all measures in place will be extended until 03.05.2020

EML Staff continues to work from home until further notice.


Belgian Government announced a ‘Lockdown Light’.

All non essential shops are closed. Tele-working is requested where possible.

EML extends the period of working from home for all employees until 15.04.2020


All EML Staff started working from home as a precautionary measure to stop the spread of the virus, for a period of 2 weeks.