June 11th, 2021:
New and Improved Credit Score

A credit score is an important indicator for EML, not only giving a signal towards our customers and suppliers, but also giving an indication how EML is positioned in the market compared to companies in the same industrial segment. Based on the figures of 2020 which are now public and can be consulted by all parties, the rating company has rated EML with a risk score of 93 or as internationally know as an A-rated company. This rating shows a very good credit worthiness, but this rating doesn’t mean that EML can stop investing. EML will carry on being creative in the market to find logistic solutions for their customers and bring a high customer satisfaction.

The previous rating of EML was a score of 77 or internationally know as a B-rating. So we can be proud of this new rating and it will be the task of the company to keep on performing on a very high level, with a focus on new challenges, like sustainable growth and decarbonization.