General information

EML has many years of extensive experience in customs matters, and can offer you a range of Customs Licences:

  • EML is AEO-F certified (Full certification: Customs simplifications + Safety & Security)         

Licence Number BE AEOF 0000015GDV

  • European Customs Licence ACP - Application or authorisation for the status of authorised issuer to establish the proof of the customs status of Union goods (new name for TC12 licence, licence to use c-manifest)

Licence number BEACPBE000011-2019-DAY58138

  • Licences for simplified Customs procedures (depending and different from port to port)

EML is a non-regular liner service


In case of any customs related issues or questions, our EML in-house customs specialist is fully at your disposal to assist and guide you wherever possible.