EML Corporate Principles




EML Vision

To be a responsible enterprise that respects economic, social and environment aspects to achieve benefit not only for the company, but also for the world community

EML Mission

To provide efficient, reliable, innovative, tailor-made and high-quality maritime services to its customers

MOL Group Values


Innovate through insights

  • Proactively develop bussiness opportunities by staying ahead of the curve
  • Make innovation for the further growth of the company


Do the right thing

  • Keep compliance as a Top Priority
  • Ensure that actions comply with social norms and the highest ethical standards


Commit to acting with a sense of ownership

  • Tackle tasks with a sense of ownership and in cooperation with stakeholders


Gain the trust of stakeholders

  • See things from the customers perspective and deliver service that exceeds their expectations
  • Seize initiative and take responsibility for your behaviour


Build a strong team

  • Encourage open communication with mutual respect
  • Share knowledge, experience, expertise and skills, and foster the new generation


Persue the worlds highest level of safety culture

  • Maintain a safety-first attitude and strive to reinforce safety awareness
  • Return to the basics by comprehending workplace safety