June 22nd, 2021:
10 Year Anniversary

It’s with great honour that we can announce that we have crossed a milestone in the history of Euro Marine Logistics:  June 2021 marks 10 years of operations and I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished together. Indeed, our company has risen to become one of the main players in the European transportation of vehicles in European waters.

Without the dedicated support and caring of our amazing staff and our good shareholders, none of this would have ever been possible. 

A lot has happened and evolved since we started our services. Together with the automotive industry, our business environment is evolving rapidly responding to European Commission’s long-term roadmap for a climate neutral EU economy.

But we are also very grateful to our customers who have put trust in us, and we keep on believing that strong partnerships will allow us to tackle all challenges together.

And as they say, tough times don’t last, tough teams do!